Wizard of Oz 2009

Wizard of Oz 2009

Cast and Creative

Director – Judy Welsh

Choreographer – Sherri-Ann Fido

Musical Director – Ian GIll

Chorus Mistress – Clare Adams

Production Secretary – Liz Miller


Aunt Em – Fiona Osborne

Uncle Henry – Dennis Thompson

Dorothy – Anya Williams

Sorceress of the North – Theresa Hanham

The Wicked Witch of the West – Anne Lawson

The Scarecrow – Lewis Bennett

The Tin Woodman – Mark Drinkwater

The Cowardly Lion – Charlie Legg

First General – Ryan Amstad

Private – Rob Najair

Lord Growlie – Don Young

Gloria – Donna Mercer

Wizard of Oz – Andrew Pilcher

Tibia – James Miller



Lucy Adams, Molly Adams, Sammy Bailey, Emily Carey, Ellie Cloute, Bailey Dowler, Grace Eldridge, Hazel Fisher, Vanessa Fisher, Ellie Hanham, Emma Hatton, Oscar Hatton, Holly Humphrey, Liberty Kane, Benjamin Matthews, Lily-Rose Matthews, Jessica Lily Morris, Tanicha Pearce, Joe Ripley, Amy Rosling, Mia Smith, Chloe Stratford, Milo Stratford, Ryan Taylor, Faye Thompsett, Tahira Wager, Millie White, Bethany Willard, Katie Wren


Farmhands, Generals, Citizens of Oz, Witches and Jitterbugs

Natasha Alexander-Grose, Colin Adams, Ryan Amstad, Tom Brown, Yvette Cook, Polly Dempsey, Shannon Hamed, Simone Hardwick, Danielle Horwill, Amelia Jolley, Vanessa King, Donna Mercer, James Miller, Paula Najair, Rob Najair, Fiona Osborne, Natasha Page, Andrew Pilcher, Mary-Anne Pollock Jack Ripley, Patricia Ripley, Liz Schroeder, Janine Sexton, Marie-Elaine Sexton, Jamila Smikle, Naomi Wareham, Thomas Waters, Teri White, Don Young


Photography credit – Peter Mould, www.stagesnaps.com