The Hastleons’ Cabaret

The Hastleons’ Cabaret

The Hastleons will be presenting The Hastleons Cabaret at the Sussex Hall, White Rock Theatre on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May 2017.   The theme for this cabaret will be musical numbers that are unavailable for amateur licensing or from shows the Hastleons have never performed. 


The production team will be as follows:- Director and Choreographer – Chloe Hurst and

Musical Director – Clare Adams.


Auditions are scheduled to take place at the Hastleon Hall on Monday 13 February at 7.30pm.

Ensemble 7.30pm-8.00pm. Audition Piece: Do You Hear The People Sing, Les Miserables

Solos, Duets and Small Groups 8.00pm. Audition Piece: Own Choice


On the audition form below can you clearly indicate whether you are interested in solo, duet, small group and/or ensemble. It would help the casting committee to know which song you will be performing at the auditions and please remember to bring the music or backing track with you. Any prospective new member or member who has not previously auditioned for a show will be asked to sing the Ensemble audition piece. If you are not available for the auditions it may be possible to arrange another date.


All members whether successful or not at auditions will be informed by email or letter.


The first rehearsal for The Hastleons Cabaret will be on Monday 27 February at 7.30pm.  


If you wish to be considered for the show, please complete and return the form by Friday 10 February. Just a reminder for those who are 15 and over should be a fully paid up member of The Hastleons at a cost of £15 on or before the day of auditions.